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Slate & Tile Re-Roofing

Slating and tiling encompass many different options, with tiles being divided into clay and concrete and then sub-divided into plain or profiled. Slates are divided into stone or man-made (Eternits).


Interlocking concrete tiles are perhaps the most cost effective of the roof coverings. These are large tiles that cover around ten per square metre. They are laid as a single lap, side by side with the grooves on the underside of the one tile resting within those on the upper side of the preceding tile.

Plain tiles come in both concrete and clay forms with the hand made clay tiles being the most expensive. The coverage rate is around sixty per square metre, therefore resulting in an increase in labour. Additionally as the tiles are laid double or treble lapped (i.e. each tile has part of up to two other tiles beneath it) there is a great deal more battening needed and the weight on the roof is significantly increased. Plain tiles are often used for tile hanging.


slateSlates are usually laid treble lapped with each slate nailed to a timber batten. Nowadays slates are imported from countries such as China, Spain and Canada. Additionally there are many man-made slates on the market made from either fibre cement (Eternits) or moulded with a mixture of slate dust and glass fibre resin.

Perhaps the most expensive, but traditional roofing option is to use stone slates. These are large, heavy slabs of natural stone laid in slightly different patterns from region to region. They are quite expensive to both buy and lay, but will create an amazing roof structure.