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Flat Roofing

flatroofIt is with proven technology and the highest degree in reputation that the single-ply PVC membranes we install offer the ultimate in flat roof protection. They are engineered to form a dimensionally stable waterproof covering and unaffected by expansion and contraction, fully protected against damaging solar rays and the very worst of British weather. This performance is proven as these membranes are installed all over the world from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia, in both extremes of climate they perform perfectly well and are able to cope with any climate.

A titanium dioxide top layer provides optimum UV resistance and is solar reflective never requiring any type of covering. A unique surface lacquer provides an easy to clean surface which is maintenance free and 100% resistant to any airborne chemicals including unsightly moss and algae growth. The membranes are vapour permeable making them 100% resistant to blistering and being it”s a breathable product eliminates the risk of condensation.

The membrane is a single layer installation with no complicated layers, it does not require resins and bitumen thus making it unlike other waterproofing products. The installation is unaffected by climate conditions allowing us to install throughout the summer and winter months. The membrane is secured to the roof structure giving maximum protection from wind uplift.

All joints and details are permanently welded giving superior strength to those areas of your roof where conventional flat roofing materials would be susceptible to breaking down. Roof edges and up stands are steel reinforced and mechanically fixed to form a solid storm resistant roofing edge. The membranes are then fusion-welded to permanently seal the perimeter of the roof.

Once WOODLEY & JFI Building & Roofing has performed this operation we create a waterproof envelope over the whole of your roof that is 100% watertight, storm resistant and guaranteed never to leak