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Felt Roof Waterproofing System

After many years of experience and continuous upgrading of our systems and with new techniques and materials constantly becoming available we look at them all as and when we are notified of their availability. Below you will find our process for felt roofs.

Brief Specification of three layer high performance torch on felt roof system.

feltFirst Layer

Apply a layer of 3B Reinforced Underlay either manually fixed by nailing or fully bonded with hot bitumen depending on the type of decking.

Second Layer

Apply a layer of Sanded SBS Elastomeric High Performance Layer of felt bonded in hot bitumen to the underlay.

Cap Sheet Third Layer

Apply a layer of Polyester Technatorch felt with SBS modified bitumen weighing 32kg/8 metre square, consisting of a core of high-strength spunbonded polyester with a normal weight of 180 grammes/1 metre square, which is impregnated and coated with stabilised high tenacity elastomeric bitumen.  The top is finished with a green mineral surface and the underside laminated with a torch destructible plastic film.  This cap sheet will be fully bonded to the underlay by torching the bitumen on the roll to a temperature in excess of 105°C.

Mineral Edgings and Flashings

Edgings and flashings to be fully bonded using SBS Elastomeric Polyester mineral felt.

Solar Reflective Materials

The recommended solar coating is as detailed above with a green mineralised finish.  Ease of maintenance after the ten year guarantee period is much increased with a smooth mineral finish.